Introducing $NAO

NFT DAO - giving the power back to the NFT lovers

  • Naffiti - The first DAO-governed NFT marketplace, run by the people for the people.
  • NFT DAO ($NAO) is a governance token that provides the community the ability to determine the direction and development of the Naffiti NFT marketplace.
$Nao supports active NFT traders
$Nao rewards loyal Nft holders
$Nao rewards the gas contribution of users by bridging the world of Defi, NFTs and DApps


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100 trillion NAO are distributed below.
  • 50% Airdrop to Users

    0x3607a434264f2886E2e21bdDF566b15B919c92dc (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)

  • 20% Staking Incentive

    0x965668b24C15Ab30014C544c6B234f6e78F9B5C5 (Held by Vincent and Aka)

    0x4e87639b178abc4de908d3264033b5b6c9be82ff (Held by Anthony, Vincent and Aka)

  • 20% Naffiti NFT Marketplace Development

    0x388B89Cf432074E8825CD5DaDb91a65EE081516B (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)

  • 10% LP Incentives

    0x1aCaCcc1f0a02ffE53C89cE6CD5E4eC6c2CD6692 (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)

    0x4b7e96412A3d99A5080e131A7943Bf01e65579d0 (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)

Remarks (Naffiti Team Members):
  • Anthony - CTO
  • Vincent - Investor
  • Aka - Head of Operations
  • Joseph - Head of Business Development
Airdrop to OpenSea Users ( 50% )
50% of $NAO tokens will be distributed to all addresses that have traded on OpenSea since day one. The snapshot will be taken on 31st DEC 2021 12:00 (UTC) at Block 13916168.
The distribution is based on the:
  • NFTs bought on OpenSea (40% weight)
  • NFTs currently owned on Ethereum (40% weight)
  • Total gas fees paid on Ethereum (20% weight)
Users have until June 30, 2022 23:59 (UTC) to claim their tokens, any remaining tokens will be sent to the DAO treasury for community initiatives.
Naffiti NFT marketplace development ( 20% )
  • $Nao holders will decide the key features of the launchpad, such as the multichain supported NFT marketplace, platform sponsorships, project collaboration and more.
  • $Nao will provide voting powers to the community allowing them to vote for what collection will be listed on Naffiti launchpad and marketplace with a roster of high end exclusive IPs already confirmed.
  • Support creators, entrepreneurs, and licensed owners to create NFTs based on their original artwork
  • Support Dao NFT community events and initiatives.
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Liquidity Incentives

10% $NAO is reserved for liquidity incentives. $NAO holders can stake $NAO tokens to earn up to 1500% APY ($NAO)
Staking pool is ready to be announced soon. Stay tuned!